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Jonas at the Movies

Star Trek 2 - It is ironic that Benedict Cumberbatch’s recent London Theater experience would be Frankenstein since he is now spotlighted in the latest Star Trek, Into Darkness, a patch job of better, more coherent films that appears cobbled together with less skill and heart than Mary Shelley’s creation. The second Star Trek does have its fun moments, but as a whole it feels unnecessary. Read Review


Broadway 2013 - Visiting New York City and not going to a Broadway show is like having a birthday party and forgetting to blow out the candles.  The stage sells magical moments and at this moment in particular, audiences can be dazzled by the output on the Great White Way. Read Article >>  

Ironman 3 - Avengers-mojo has rubbed off on the Iron Man saga, and the third episode could be the best in the series. Writer/Director Shane Black has improved on the main characters, giving Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) deeper layers and Pepper Potts the chance to evolve from the damsel-in-distress staleness that her character had suffered from in the first sequel. More>>  
“A Satisfying Ending to Harry Potter” After spending 10 years with the children of Gryffindor, loyal fans are given a rousing graduation, one with bloodshed and loss, but where goodness triumphs over evil.  Director David Yates and writer Steve Kloves capture the essence of the final chapters of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” including the siege of Hogwarts castle and the  climactic battle to the death between "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" (Ralph Fiennes) and “The Boy Who Lived” (Daniel Radcliff). More >>


There should be a new edict that no action film should be made without guidance from Matthew Vaughn.  The director of “Kick Ass” and “Stardust” has kicked the ”X-Men” series into shape and the only disappointment is that no one has asked him yet to redo the first three films with his flair.

More >>

“Fright Night”
A juicy remake of the cult classic horror spoof, “Fright Night” is sexy, fun and frightening, with a cast having so much fun, it spills out into the audience more rapidly than the buckets of blood seeps off the screen with its 3D effects.. More>>

“Horrible Bosses”
isn't sure if it wants to be a dark comedy ala “Heathers” or a frat boy comedy like the Todd Philips films. Because of the mismatched tone, it doesn't succeed as either.  The script offers many belly chuckles but the protagonists are too stupid and the villains are too cardboard evil to resonate. More>>

Importance Of Being Earnest

Back in the early 1980s, the premium cable channels HBO and Showtime were desperate for content to fill their new 24 hour format. One of the options was televised versions of regional plays with famous actors...

More >>

A Mother’s Search For The Perfect Son-In-Law, For Her Son

A mother’s greatest fear is that her child will grow up unprotected and unloved.  In the new farce “You Should Meet My Son,...

More >>

Scream 4

The good news on “Scream4.” It’s a heck of a lot funnier than the awful parody “Scary Movie.” The bad news is it’s not even as scary. When you’re told to expect the unexpected, the unexpected becomes blatant. More >>

Shows And The City

Manhattan, there’s an energy like no other.  You can walk for blocks and blocks and not even notice you’ve been trekking for hours. You can eat food from any ethnicity, meet people from all over the world and take transportation easily and cheaply to almost anywhere in the city.  It’s no coincidence that Sidney Lumet cast the city as the Land of Oz in “The Wiz.”  More >>


“Scott Pilgrim Vs The World"

To understand “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World,” you have to not see it as a linear narrative film but as what occurs when a dweeby virgin hallucinates on Nyquil. It’s on such another plane of existence that it makes “Inception” seem like cinema verite. “Scott Pilgrim” is life as a video game but the audience isn't sitting like drones watching, they're interactively living this wacky imaginative insanity, this frothy and high geared epic. “Scott Pilgrim” is the shot of adrenaline this dull summer so desperately needed.

Click here to read the full review

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Up In The Air

movies“Up In The Air” has been getting much buzz and early awards. Complex and heartfelt, this winning comedy deserves all the accolades.  George Clooney gives his most layered performance, and Jason Reitman proves once again to be an insightful director with an ability to deal with weighty issues in witty comedies.

Jonas At The Movies Review >>

zombie_land“’Zombieland,’ An Uproarious One-Way Ticket to Hell”
Gonzo filmmaking at its best, “Zombieland” is a fast, loud and messy apocalyptic spoof of the subgenre George Romero invented with “Night Of the Living Dead.”. Jonas At The Movies Read The Review >>
Drew Barrymore “Whips It” Up
With “Whip It”, debut director Drew Barrymore wrangles around every cliché in both the sports and coming of age genres and without actually avoiding them, she still presents them with such earnestness that they come off as fresh and original. Jonas At The Movies Read The Review >>
“Where The Wild Things Are”

Director Spike Jonze sneaks into the recesses of an adolescent’s soul and capture the frustration and defiance a nine-year-old feels when he has no control over his surroundings. “Where The Wild Things Are” is an energetically shot love story between a boy and his only friend, his imagination. Jonas At The Movies Read The Review >>

toy_story_3Toy Story 3

Only Pixar could show the rest of the industry how to make a finale in a trilogy.  “Toy Story 3” is as warm, prescient and funny as the originals.  Children will giggle at the new characters and cuddle up to the familiar friends, young adults will laugh at the visual and dialogue puns and allusions, while those of us hitting middle age will cringe knowing Woody the Cowboy and his gang’s agony, feeling like they’ve outstayed their welcome in this world and have become irrelevant.

Read The Full Review | Read More Reviews

moviesNINE The Musical

“NINE,” the film version of the Broadway interpretation of Fellini’s “8 ½,” has the elements of a perfect TEN, but receives an 8 ½ in the end.  The film’s issues can be tied to both the recent writers’ strike and the death of original scribe, Anthony Minghella.  For even though there are no quibbles about the production values, the performances, and the exquisite musical numbers, the film as a whole doesn’t gel, has slow stretches, and feels an hour longer than its actual running time. Jonas At The Movies Review >>

The test of a perfect Quentin Tarantino film is how many times you want to sit through it.  I’ve seen “Pulp Fiction” eight times and the “Kill Bill” Chronicles at least six. His latest, “Inglourious Basterds,” has some moments of glory, but ultimately misses the mark due to overindulgence. For me, once is enough .Basterds
“An Education”

There’s something rewarding about a new discovery.  Though Carey Mulligan has made a stir on British Television’s “Doctor Who”, “An Education” is a star-making role, and Mulligan is a revelation as the school girl who learns about love and loss in early 60s England.
16-year-old Jenny (Mulligan) has one goal in life: to get into Oxford University.
Jonas At The Movies Read The Review >>


Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky takes a page from not only Tchaikovsky but also master thriller director Roman Polanski with his erotic/neurotic horror tale “Black Swan.” Not always coherent, but visually striking and wisely played by its cast, “Black Swan” is a frightening character study focusing on the strain of the spotlight.

Click here for more information>>



127 Hours


Click here for more information>>


Harry Potter

Director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves had a gargantuan task, to split up the final book of “Harry Potter” and not make the first part feel like a wind up for the finale, and instead, a fully formed film on its own.

Click here for more information>>

“Colin Firth Shares his Pain”

Colin Firth gives a devastating portrayal in “A Single Man,” as a day in the life of a gay professor in the 1960s who chooses for it to be his last day.  It’s a landmark performance, heart-tearing without being maudlin. Unfortunately, his writer/director, Tom Ford, has only style on his mind.

Jonas At The Movies Review >>
 “Youth In Revolt”
 “Youth In Revolt” is deeply indebted to the revolutionary early 1970s filmmaking of Arthur Penn and Hal Ashby. Anarchic, with a sense of whimsy, the comedy harks back to a time when artistry and ingenuity was more essential than blockbuster status.  Based on a cult novel by C.D. Payne, “Youth In Revolt” relishes in subversive humor which is delivered deliciously by an ensemble cast including Fred Willard, Mary Kay Place, Jean Smart and led by the current It nebbish boy, Michael Cera (“Juno,” “Superbad”).
Read The Full Review
“’A Christmas Carol,’ Some Enchanted Evening”

A surprisingly clever and beautifully animated film, “Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’” is a three-dimensional delight with detailed visuals and a performance by Jim Carrey that, shock of shocks, is subdued and layered.

 Jonas At The Movies Read The Review >>
Worst Movies of 2005
The Family Stone Walk The Line
King Kong Narnia
Dodgeball Henry's Dream
Mean Girls Spiderman
The Notebook Pride & Predjudice
Dawn of The Dead Shrek2
Saw Shattered Glass
Skeleton Key Redeye
Huckabee In America
Paper Peter Pan
Melinda HitchHiker
Revenge of the Sith Kung Fu
Debs Sahara
Sin City Miss Congenialty 2
Ice Princess Be Cool
Walk on Water Happy Endings
Must Love Dogs Bad News Bears
Terminal Bourne Identity
Cabin Fever  

Movie Review: Pride & Prejudice (2005)

For Jane Austen fans around the world, hear me when I say — you will NOT be disappointed in the latest adaptation of Pride & Prejudice staring an enchanting Keira Knightley as the Lizzie Bennet and a dashing Matthew MacFadyen, as Mr. Darcy. Reviewed
MCA/Universal Trimark Pictures
Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Twentieth Century Fox
Miramar Productions Universal Studios, Florida
Paramount Pictures Walt Disney Studios
  Warner Bros.
Red-Eye: A First Class Flight of Adventure bad news

Wes Craven, the man responsible for reinventing the gore genre three times with “Last House On The Left,” “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” and “Scream” has piloted a less-gruesome gem towards the thriller terminal. “Red-Eye,” his only non R-Rated thriller (unless you consider Meryl Streep’s sappy “Music of the Heart” hair-raising), keeps the adrenalin racing, even without his usual violent tendencies. Review


Brothers Are Grimm For Way Too Long bad news

There appear to be two faces of director Terry Gilliam working today. The first crafted the Rubik’s cube of a mystery “12 Monkeys” and the perplexing masterpiece “ Brazil .” The other wandered around the vast set of “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,” leaving us with a listless, elephant of an epic. With references to fairy tales and melding of fact and fiction, I prayed the first Terry Gilliam had directed “The Brother’s Grimm.” Unfortunately we instead have received another creaky, slow, humorless comedy in ancient times from Mr. Gilliam. Review

Bad News Bears bad news
Only Richard Linkletter (“Before Sunrise,” “School of Rock”) could remake the 1976 hit comedy “The Bad News Bears” virtually line for line and still manage to hit the ball out of the park more
Must Love Dogs Review must love dogs
Have you ever been on a date with a very nice person: someone conscientious, attractive, who can carry a conversation, yet you don't connect at all? You stare at the clock, you chew on ice, and you tap your feet on the floor because the evening has become eternal. “Must Love Dogs” more
Worst Movies of 2004
Best Movies of 2004
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