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"The Mischief That Teens Do"

Anyone who suffered -- or continues to suffer -- through the war-torn traumatic world of high school will love watching the darling stars of tomorrow conquer cliques, vicious rumors and burgeoning sexuality. If those malicious cheerleaders and bullying jocks could taunt Jennifer Garner, Emile Hirsch and Lindsay Lohan, maybe our being the targets will appear all the more ludicrous.

In "13 Going On 30," a young girl makes a wish and grows up 17 years over night into her older self (Jennifer Garner). Though the gawky girl has matured into a looker, psychologically, she hasn't prepared for the adult world. Ironically, all those who did live those extra 17 years, still play the same sadistic games as they did as children.
"13 Going On 30" could have been a moderately pleasing "Big" rip-off without Garner's winning performance. Like Tom Hanks (who won an Oscar nomination for his role), Garner captures childhood's buoyancy and purity. Generating palpable chemistry with Mark Ruffalo, she demonstrates an Audrey Hepburn essence that will make her a movie star.

The odd coupling of boyish Emile Hirsch and intoxicatingly steamy Elisha Cuthbert in the teen sex comedy "The Girl Next Door" is a tantalizing dish of youthful sexuality while never losing its innocence.

The pitch is something out of "'Hustler' Forum." Kid discovers his luscious next door neighbor to be a porn star. Hirsch plays a high school senior on the fringe of popularity. His next door neighbor teaches him to shed his insecurities while he forces her to take stock and respect herself.

Borrowing a page from Tom Cruise in "Risky Business," Hirsch blooms. Instead of dancing in his underwear, he jogs naked with only a tire for protection, but in the end, his every-boy routine rings true and poignant. As the object of his affection, Cuthbert is tantalizing, the epitome of a thinking boy's fantasies.
Due to smart writing, sassy direction and a lively cast, the film manages the impossible, to go all the way and still keep its virginity intact.

On another similar campus, Lindsay Lohan gets devoured by the beast known as the in-crowd in "Mean Girls."

Cady (Lohan) had been home-schooled while her family traveled around Africa. Returning stateside, she must enter a new jungle, one with vultures and ferocious lions. All her experience has not prepared her for high school.

The popular group, lead by Regina George (Rachel McAdams), has been terrorizing the school with hateful rumors and intimidation. Cady, abhorred by the vicious girls, decided to bring them down by infiltrating from the inside. But the closer she gets to the core, the more contaminated she becomes, until she's no better than the mean girls.
Writer Tina Fey and Director Mark S Waters borrow heavily from the seminal teen black comedy, "Heathers." Though not as pointed as "Heathers," it's unpredictable and gleefully maniacal. Water's juxtaposition of teens and wild animals, complete with an African Tribal influenced score, drives home the volatility of high school.

Lohan blossoms into a mature star. With her pudgy cheeks and glistening eyes, she's winning. Singing and dancing "Jingle Bells Rock" like a young siren or fawning over the sensitive jock, she proves to be star to watch.
The teen comedy genre is tame at best and lame usually, however the talent in these three films has raised the genre to a higher level. It's ironic that all three star are in virtual remakes of "Big," "Risky Business" and "Heathers." Jennifer Garner, Emile Hirsch and Lindsay Lohan have stepped into the shoes of Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Winona Ryder, all Oscar contenders. I have no doubt this new breed will accept the torch passed to them. Grade: A- for all students.

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